Why Red Mango Philippines is Creating a Game for Its Customers

by Irene Enriquez

red mango game for philippines

Jed, our Creative Director, shares this screenshot from the game we’re working on.

If you want to stay in business for long, you have to innovate. Innovate not just in product development but in marketing as well.

In an interview featured on Yummy.ph, Lady Sherika Tanmantiong, the entrepreneur who brought the Red Mango (RM) brand in the Philippines, said, “You have to be on your toes, always trying to innovate. The important thing is to stay one step ahead.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 2.20.28 AM

screenshot of Ms. Tanmantiong’s photo on Yummy.Ph

To stay ahead of the marketing game, Lady decided to work with us in creating a game for RM. Game-based marketing in the Philippines isn’t as popular compared to the U.S. Only a handful of Philippine brands is using the mobile game as a marketing platform. In fact, it’s extremely hard to find statistics about gamification or game-based marketing in the Philippines. So far, we haven’t encountered case studies, reports, or research conducted in the Philippine setting.

Testing the Water

There are a few brands, however, who are brave enough to test the waters. When asked why she decided to create a game for Red Mango customers, she shared, “Most people are using smartphones; it is a part of their lifestyle. We want to continue the RM experience  and extend it to their lives without being in one of our physical stores.” 

While she doesn’t consider herself a gamer, she likes playing casual games such as puzzle and tycoon games. This initially shaped her idea for the RM game. It wasn’t concrete, but it was enough to get her started working with us. Her vision was to “create something that everyone can enjoy and giving the customers an idea of what it takes to run a business/cafe.” As a young and successful entrepreneur herself, we believe that it is the most fitting game for the RM brand.


A game character in development

The Game Developer’s Experience

In our the post What does it take to build a game for a brand?, we shared the process each of us had to go through in bringing Lady’s vision for the game a reality. Just like playing a video game, each Pixelkit member went through (and is still going through) a few obstacles.

Once the game is done and available for download, Lady hopes that the customer will play the game and keep them company, most especially when they are bored.