Not getting results on Facebook ads? Here’s one Facebook marketing strategy to consider.

by Irene Enriquez


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How do you use Facebook for your business?

Is in an integral part of your marketing strategy?

Do you create ads and sponsored content, but haven’t been impressed with the results?

Marketing on Facebook isn’t limited to plastering ads or creating sponsored content.

The truth is people hate ads. They can spot an ad a mile away and have learned how to tune them out.

But what’s one thing that people can’t resist online? One thing that they spend a lot of time and energy on.

Two words: Facebook games.

Your mom plays Candy Crush. Your friends send never-ending game requests for all types of games.

While most of the games and apps on Facebook are purely for entertainment and have different business models, there are a few games that are actually used to market a specific brand.

Some of them might seem like a legit game, but if you really think about it, it’s also an advertisement. Take the Avengers game, for example. Sure, it is a game, but it’s also a way for Marvel to ensure that this franchise stays top of mind. It also attracts new potential audience who would embrace the franchise and support its merchandise, most especially the upcoming movie.

Another hugely popular game on Facebook is Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. It currently has 500K players and almost a million Facebook fans. It is a simulation and fashion game, but it’s also a brilliant marketing strategy. A strategy that indirectly promotes Kim’s products and by extension her entire brand.

Facebook Users in the Philippines

According to IMMAP president Michael Palacio, “In September 2014 alone, some 22 million Pinoys accessed their Facebook accounts via smartphone or tablet in the Philippines—mostly on Android phones” (as reported by GMA Network). Filipinos are some of the most active social media users in Asia. In fact, it has even been dubbed as the social media capital of the world. Why is this important?

Well, for starters, it means that it’s a lot easier to reach out to your potential customers. They’re already online. You just need to find a way to establish a connection. A connection that will keep them entertained.

How Facebook Apps or Games Help Your Brand

It increases brand awareness. Unlike ads, people seek out games. If you create a game that people love, they get exposed to your brand more often than sponsored posts. Plus, there are so many ways to engage with your customers within the game. For instance, you can let the players earn points that they can use for your offline or online store.

Get valuable data about your customers. A Facebook game gives you better insight about your customers. There are a lot of comprehensive tools that can measure engagement and better understand the players’ behavior. Which feature of the game is their favorite? How might you use this to better connect with your potential customers?

Drive traffic to your Facebook Page or Website. Just like any marketing strategy, the Facebook game should ultimately drive people to one action that matters most to your brand:  increase engagement on your Facebook page or to drive traffic to your website.

Have you considered using Facebook app or game to connect with your potential customers?