4 Ways Riding the MRT Makes You a Better Person

by Irene Enriquez

We all complain about the MRT. It’s outdated. It’s not well kept. It’s unsafe.

Yes, they are all true. But if you think about it, riding the MRT also has its benefits. It can actually help you become a better person.

Here’s how:

You burn calories.

Rule #1 on Zombieland: Cardio. You need cardio to burn calories and to get your heart rate up.

Don’t like cardio? No worries. MRT’s got you covered.

During rush hours–when every inch of the train is packed with people–it’s almost like you’re in one giant, metal sauna. Or a ballet studio with balance rails.  When you enter, you look quite a bit fresh: with clean, dry clothes. Much like how you look like when you enter the gym or any fitness studio early in the morning. After ten minutes, however, you’ll resemble someone who survived a zombie apocalypse.



You persevere.

Perseverance is one of the key characteristics of successful people.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 1.36.44 PM


No matter how hard you try, you can’t give up. You must ride the MRT, so you can get to your destination on time. Well, most of the time.

Everything requires effort: buying your tickets, waiting for the train, boarding the train, deboarding from the train. Not to mention guarding your belongings with your one hand, while the other hand hangs on to the railing for dear life.


It instills patience.

screenshot of mrt game on android

A screenshot of the game we’re currently working on. Inspired by the MRT, of course. ;)


Falling in line for more than 30 minutes requires patience. Hoping for the MRT to get better even requires more patience.


It reminds you that life is full of surprises.

Sometimes, you’ll get news that the MRT isn’t working that day. Or the MRT suddenly stops in the middle of the tracks and you have to walk to the nearest station. Indeed, the MRT doesn’t run out of ways to surprise the commuters.

If you ride the MRT almost every day, be proud of yourself. It’s a good training ground for life. With the calories you burn and the hard work, you are better equipped to handle the dangers and surprises of daily life. :)


screenshot of mrt jam on android

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