Why We’re Refocusing Pixelkit’s Vision on Game-Based Marketing

by pixelkit_admin

This year marks the second year for Pixelkit Inc. While it might seem like a short year for outsiders, to us, it’s been quite a long journey. A journey filled with challenges, lessons learned, and big and small victories.

Ironing Out the Kinks

One of the most difficult challenges of a startup is finding the right people. At first, we didn’t have a smooth hiring process. Plus, we focused on the wrong aspects when looking for people.

However, after tuning our hiring process and finally figuring out the type of people we want to work with, we now have a solid team that not only works efficiently but are also in sync when it comes to our core values and work ethics. James Chua, our Managing Director, shared, “We finally placed into words our company culture as a guiding principle for everyone in Pixelkit.”

It seems that finding the right people for our team has paid off big time. Last year, Jed Cruz, our co-founder and Creative Director, noticed a huge improvement. In just a few months, our developers have learned new technologies, new skills, and how to work collaboratively. He proudly shared, “I believe it’s a real testament to their character, and their willingness to become part of this thing we have created.”

Pixelkit’s “groupie” during our year-end strategy meeting and team building.

Pixelkit’s “groupie” during our year-end strategy meeting and team building.

Refocusing our Vision

When we found the team’s rhythm and worked on our individual strengths, we also, naturally, refocused our vision. A vision of what Pixelkit really stands for.

So, what do we stand for?

We stand for passion. We stand for games.

As a team who is connected by our passion in games, we knew it is the best that we could offer to our clients and to the world.

Passion partnered with our experience and our innate understanding of what makes a game work, we decided to focus on game-based marketing.

What is game-based marketing?

In a nutshell, game-based marketing is using games to market products and services to a target audience. Basically, it can be considered as a category under mobile marketing (websites, apps).

It is also often called gamification.

Badgeville.com defines gamification as:

“the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. Gamification taps into the basic desires and needs of the users impulses which revolve around the idea of Status and Achievement.”

With our experience as gamers and working with various clients for mobile apps, the Pixelkit Team is very excited to apply their knowledge and experience to help brands utilize games. In the Philippines, this marketing strategy is still untapped and is full of potential.

Joel Brodie, CEO and Founder of Gamezebo.com, writes, “The power of games to affect consumer behavior is almost limitless—and examples of powerful social games are all around us.”

As a game development studio building games for brands, we want to harness this power. We want to help you build a game that is not only engaging, but also provides a genuine connection between you and your customers.

We are looking forward to our journey this 2015. Hopefully, you will be a part of our journey.

Image Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.Net/Stuart Miles